Guest Controllers Approval


DZ Division participates in the Guest Controllers Approval Program (GCA) in accordance with IVAO Rules and Regulations (Vol. 2: GCA).

Each of the positions listed in the Division’s procedures may be monitored, since the controller is:

“The holder of a DZ GCA with an ATC rating above or equal to the corresponding FRA for a given ATC position shall have full discretion to open that position throughout the DAAA FIR .

  1. The minimum ATC rating to be held for the application for a GCA in DZ Division is ADC.
  2. The applicant for a GCA in DZ Division must demonstrate a good knowledge of English and french language.
  3. The applicant for a GCA in DZ Division must show a clean suspension history. In case of one or more entries in the suspension history, Division staff decide based on the nature of the suspension.
  4. In each application, the past behaviour with regards to the DZ Division of the applicant is assessed. If the DZ Division staff emits doubts about the member’s past, no GCA is granted.
  5. In case the applicant left the DZ Division within the last 6 months and no GCA was granted upon leaving or the member refused it, no GCA is granted.
  6. In case the applicant has had his GCA revoked or denied within the last 6 months, no GCA is granted
  7. The candidate for a GCA in Division DZ must demonstrate basic knowledge of ADC. If they are deemed insufficient by the staff of the training department of DZ Division, the GCA will not be granted. In this case, a period of 6 months must be observed before the next GCA checkout.
  8. The applicant may request a training before performing the actual checkout.
GCA Checkout Principles

The GCA checkout is performed on the TWR position of Algiers (DAAG). An Approach (APP) station might be online, but it is not mandatory.

 During the checkout, the member must create a group chat including:

  • The trainer;
  • The adjacent station;
  • The observer assigned to the checkout.

The result of the GCA checkout is given during the debriefing, at the end of the checkout. If the knowledge is insufficient, the GCA checkout is cancelled. 

Keeping GCA

In order to be able to keep his GCA, the GCA holder must control at least 3 hours per month on the positions of the FIR DAAA.

GCA Removal

At any time, DZ Division staff may decide to revoke a GCA. The member is informed by email of the reasons for the decision.