IVAO – Algeria Division
Algeria, a country located in North Africa, bordering Tunisia, Libya, Niger, Mali, Mauritania and Morocco with a 1200kms coastline opening on the Mediterranean.
36 commercial airports and two (02) airlines (Air Algerie & Tassili Airlines) serve a population of about 46 million over an area of 2,381,741 km², known for its coasts and high plateaus, its wonderful mountains and its vast Sahara.
The IVAO Algeria division, which is the extension of IVAO (International Virtual Aviation Organization), having recorded during its 20 years of existence, more than 1080 members including 161 currently active members and sharing in a friendly and professional way, a realistic simulation of control and air traffic under the unfailing IVAO network.
The IVAO Algeria division invites all enthusiasts of virtual aeronautics to join
this wonderful space and let their hopes come true to one day become an ATC or Pilot in real life.
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