Pilots Briefing

This briefing concerns every Pilot wishing to join the RFE. Please read it carefully to guarantee an efficient air traffic management and smooth flights for all Pilots.


⚫ You should plan to push/start-up 5 minutes before the booked slot.
⚫ You should plan to be airborne between -5 minutes and +10 minutes of the booked slot .


⚫ Flights should respect the assigned Gateway/Parking number
⚫ If you find another pilot on the same gateway or parking when you connect, you can choose another parking, or ask the Ground ATC.
Domestic flights have to connect on parking P1 , P2 or P9.
International flights have to connect on parking P10. If P10 is full, you can connect on P1 or P2.
⚫ P1 is reserved for B736/B738/ATR.
⚫ P2 is reserved for heavy aircrafts B763/A330/B747...etc..
⚫ P9 is reserved for light aircrafts including ATR or Q400 ...etc..


You must contact Algiers Ground (DAAG_GND) for initial contact.
⚫ If you are ready and on time, ask for startup or pushback and startup if you are on P10.
Clearances are issued during taxi in Algeria. Don't ask for departure clearance before Taxi.
⚫ Keep in mind that all clearances come from Algiers Control/Approach and are delivered by Ground or Tower.
⚫ Clearances format : "XXX, After departure, turn right and proceed direct BNA, climb and maintain FL140 initially".
⚫ In most cases, we give direct points after take off so don't execute a SID if a plain language instruction is given to you,however, if ATC tells you "XXX, SID4 departure, FL140 initially" , then you have to execute the SID.
⚫ Study all SID, and particularly how to intercept and follow a radial.


⚫ Generally, when cleared for an approach Rwy XX then follow the published procedure on charts.
⚫ Radar vectoring is also provided.
⚫ Expect visual approaches when weather permits it
⚫ If you are unable to perform a visual approach, inform the ATC, and a full procedure approach will be given instead.
⚫ Study also holding patterns as we expect a lot of traffic this day.


Departure: Runway 27 or Runway 05 are commonly used.
Arrival: Runway 09 or Runway 23 are commonly used.

Flight Planning

⚫ Pilots must follow the routes provided.
⚫ In case you booked a VA flight, please ensure the route comply with the following document.


⚫ No STARS at DAAG, hence, charts are mandatory as they are necessary to follow properly approach procedures when authorized.
⚫ Use Jeppesen charts or any other charts format as long as they are up-to-date.
⚫ You can find also free AIP charts here for reference.


It is mandatory to use Algiers Real Scenery available here for FS9/FSX/P3D. It is the only scenery with the new terminal.

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