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24/7 IRC Channel

An Internet Realy Chat channel has been created on the IVAO IRC server for division members to chat with each other and the staff.

To connect to this channel, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Download an Internet Relay Chat program. This tutorial has been created with the mIRC program (www.mirc.com). There are many other clients out there. A quick search of google will give you lots of results

  2. Open mIRC. In the options window, under connect, enter your name, email address, nickname and alternative nickname then click ok. mIRC

  3. In the window, there is a scratchpad towards the bottom where you can type. In here, you need to type /server irc.ivao.aero:6668 and then hit enter.

  4. You will now be connected to the server. A dialog box called mIRC favourites will appear. Press the X in the top right hand corner of that window to delete it. In the scratchpad, you need to type /join #ivao[ICAO] and then hit enter. mIRC
  5. You are now in the channel and can speak to other division members. Teamspeak connect

If you wish to access the IVAO IRC server without a software client, you may use the web IRC client here.

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