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Division Local Procedures

General guidelines

When operating in Algiers DAAA FIR , please observe the following general rules:

We recommend to have charts on board. AIP charts are available on Algeria AIP (external link) SIA-ENNA.

Airspace classes
Only A, D, and E classes are in practice in Algeria. For more information (external link)


  • ATC is provided in ENGLISH or FRENCH.
  • All departure clearances are issued only during the taxi.
  • Please ask for the startup and/or pushback on the first contact.
  • Radar vectoring is available only within DAAG_APP and DAAA_CTR
  • The radar separation minima provided between aircrafts should be during Approach 07 nm and En-route 10nm.

All altitudes are above mean sea level (AMSL) in feet.

  • Transition altitude TA: Each airport has its own TA.
  • Transition level TL: For DAAG airport, TL is fixed 050. For the rest of the airports, it depends on the TA and the local pressure setting at the time.

Squawk codes
The Squawk codes are assigned depending on the type of flight:

  • TRANSIT: 4201-4277
  • VFR: 5001-5077
  • DOMESTIC: 2601-2677
  • MILITARY: 0060-0067

Speed restrictions
Do not exceed the 250kts IAS below FL100, unless you have permission from ATC.

No ATC available
Intentions must be broadcast in text on the Unicom frequency of 122.800

Special requirements for simulation

  • As a minimum, pilots must be able to comply with basic air traffic control instructions such as being instructed to turn onto a particular heading or being given a level to climb or descend to.
  • Pilot users shall not connect to the network while positioned on a runway or taxiway as this may cause conflicts with other aircraft.
  • If you are a new or inexperienced user, it is recommended that you place a remark indicating this in your flight plan so air traffic controllers know to provide you with extra assistance if required.
  • Traffic using only text mode for communication with connected ATC should execute received instructions before readback.
  • VFR flights should be flown with day time set on the flight simulator for visual navigation during night flights.
  • All VFR and IFR traffic should check for the presence of ATC service for the relevant airport before starting the engines.
  • More Information
    For more informatio, check division procedure flight operations.

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