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General guidelines


The purpose of this document is to ensure that quality service is provided at all times in DAAA FIR airspace, and also so that a controller will never find himself submerged, and unable to cope.

It is mandatory for all IVAO members controlling a position in Algeria to follow these guidelines. Users who do not comply may be asked to close their position.

The guidelines

  1. Active controllers should be able to use all functions of IvAc, and have read the manual thoroughly.

  2. All controllers must maintain their ATIS with the following information:
    - Position name (Full name, not ICAO code. e.g. 'Algiers Approach', not DAAG_APP)
    - Voice channel (if applicable)
    - Weather / runway information / TA/TL (if applicable)
    - No unnecessary remarks in the remarks section

  3. The language used for aviation in the DAAA FIR is French and English, and they must be used at all times.

  4. All controllers must use local phraseology at all times. (no FAA Phraseology)

  5. When available, controllers should read and understand the appropriate airport/sector procedures before logging on. If you should have any doubts please don't hesitate to contact the FIR chief, or AOC if there is no chief.

  6. Controllers are required to have all applicable charts available while on duty (for centre controllers this can be quite a bunch).

  7. Controllers must make proper use of all IVAC labels (F5 = cleared waypoint, F7 = cleared speed, and F8 = cleared altitude) when handing-off to adjacent sectors. We highly recommend you use these functions at all times, unless you prefer using the paper flight strips.

In addition to the above, controllers are required to meet the requirements set out in the position SOPs.

Visiting controllers

The Algerian division is part of the GCA program, if you are not member of IVAO Algeria and you want to control in Algeria, please refer to the GCA guidlines. We reserve the right to ask you to close your position if you do not respect the Division procedures and requirements.

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